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A Message from Deven

Putting My Experience
to Work

My name is Deven Shaff, and I am running for re-election for Councilmember of the City and County of Broomfield Ward 3. Four years ago, the voters of Broomfield Ward 3 elected me to ensure Broomfield would grow to a modern and sustainable community, to ensure the city is managed responsibly and transparently, and to protect our environment while ensuring health and safety were of the utmost importance.

As Councilmember, I supported the formation of a new citizen-led Advisory Committee on Environmental Stewardship and with Council we have adopted a greenhouse reduction plan to reach 100% renewable energy and a Zero Waste Plan. I supported the development of the Broomfield Town Square, Flatirons Crossing redevelopment, and the Baseline development. I have been a critical voice to ensure we create a stronger Creative Industries Economy while enlivening public space, displaying community identity, and contributing to a vibrant city.



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